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Data Management Education (Chris Eaker, - instructing researchers and students in sound data management practices is important for helping keep data usable over the long term. I'd like to have a discussion about this at CURATEcamp 2012. The Data Information Literacy project at Purdue has developed 12 core topics that should be included in a data management curriculum. We can begin by discussing these and then look at other curricula already developed and see how they compare.

Relevant Links:

  1. Data Information Literacy Project:
  2. Frameworks for Data Management Curriculum:
  3. DataONE Education Modules:

Data curation infrastructure

Research data stewardship on campus

  • best practices for starting campus conversations

Digital collections software

  • Omeka, etc.
  • Difference b/t digital exhibits and curated, preserved digital collections

Scholarly communication services

  • building services on the institutional repository

E-publishing services

  • software
  • scalability

Microservices for data curation

ETD software and workflow

  • how to include the creative commons license in ETD workflow
  • Implementing Vireo

Metadata crosswalks

Faculty outreach

  • Symplectic Elements

Preservation and long-term access to video

Libraries and the semantic web

Digital curation of student projects



Curating for Form factor

  • Do users really want to browse through collections on a phone? Maybe if we geolocate it.
  • Tablets + old newspapers/ magazines == Awesomeness

Curated data as API

  • Should we be thinking of ways to make data available to web apps as well as for download. Linked data is the long term solution, but anything more leightweight we could do now?