DLF 2011 - Blue sky about how our work is changing

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Problem is that we need to be planning for the future, visualize our future, at the same time as we're still getting books in, have to get data into the ILS, etc. So how do we visualize the future?

  • TALK. But this takes time.
  • Take the opportunity of your institution's strategic planning process to justify time to step back and plan.
  • Engage who you have on the ground, and try to just get some progress made.

Need to recognize that this is an iterative process. Catalogers can learn this from coders. Note that this an overgeneralization - eg continuing resources cataloging is nothing but revising what's been created before.

Hard to justify resources for repurposing in tight staffing times.

Keep tying into institutional mission.

Need ways to articulate the benefit/value of metadata creation work. http://connect.ala.org/files/7981/costvaluetaskforcereport2010_06_18_pdf_47879.pdf

Need more input from data folks into strategic directions of libraries. Core competencies catalogers and coders could have to participate in this future planning.

Relationships between individuals at different institutions help provide impetus for change.

In the future, copy-specific and institution-specific data will come to the fore.

Really think through what we're asking for.

Overcome the disconnect between our data models and our interfaces (both discovery and cataloging).

Get better at requirements specification.

We need compelling staff interfaces.

Get away from the assumption that we're always displaying a MARC record, rather than completely reconstructing it.

  • XC Drupal Toolkit can help