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Curating incoming digital material/accessing born digital material/digitally acquired material (Phil Michel)

Summary of Discussion

Processes do not happen in vacuum. Greatly influenced by systems chosen or forced up us. Grasping for simplicity to demonstrate progress. What is the product and who is the customer? Who is compass needle? Who is it all for and why?

Nothing is clear and we all do the best we can. New territory for everyone.

Discussion topics/Ideas in room

Hybrid digital/analog

Standards from various sources

What is master?/What should I do with it?

Assessing what to keep

Find the gems

Maintain provenance

Track migrations/changes

How to decide and document formats

Managing a variety of management schemes

What is 100% done? How do you make progress? How do you know you’re there?

Is the barrier IT or the organization? Policy? Decision?

Keep acquisition intact and separate

What other institutions have DAM and what role do they play in ingest? How are they integrated? Hybrid systems since no single system can satisfy all “archiving” needs How to deal with material created by others? Do you rename? Do you keep it the way it is? Choices based on economics, man-power, other drivers. Big issues with large files such as video which the creator may not be able to keep a “preservation quality” file. Synchronizing resource versions (file names, metadata, etc). Events tracking/change history can be tracked through programs like Archivematica and others.

Where do you maintain your metadata? in systems, in assets, intentionally separate, intentionally integrated? Is it pushed out with object on digitization? No right or wrong way - pros and cons to each method but must understand implications and be able to access and reuse data

Unintentional and unknown transformations

QA - how much do you need to do? What can you afford?

Things that may help

ResCarta software: open source option for normalization on ingest


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