Options for Repository Software

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Tools we are using

  • Fedora
  • DSpace
  • Archivematica
  • OpenStack / SWIFT
  • Ex Libris
  • Omeka
  • E.R.A.

What is a Repository

Provisional definition: A file system with transactional ingest (let's you know that the file was copied properly) with regular backups and abstracted links to actual file stores managed by a metadata system that may also include other metadata information.

Microservices needed by repository developers

  • File storage
  • Integrity checking
  • Metadata linking
  • Public access
  • Backups
  • Transaction based ingest

(Lots of interest in combination of OpenStack SWIFT with solr)

SWIFT [1] provides

  • Open source object storage
  • Amazon S3, simple semantics REST based?
  • clustering reliability
  • Large scale production deployments: Rackspace, San Diego Supercomputing Center