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Overarching Research Data Issues

  1. Storage
  2. Access
  3. Management (& Policy)
  4. Discovery
  5. Formats
  6. Assessment
    • Use/needs from partners
  7. Metadata Schemas


  1. What are the real world obstacles to large (any) scale data storage and access?
  2. What are researchers' curation obligations?


  1. JPL = (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory). A large repository for research data.
  2. ICPSR = (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research). A large repository for social science research data.
  3. JPL / ICPSR provides services such as:
    • Training
    • Documentation


  1. Not every academic institution would be expected to have its own research data management apparatus implemented.
  2. There are some large scale (and even domain specific?) research data repositories available in the public/private sphere.
  3. On-campus research data solutions are generally for a specific audience - those large enough to collect significant data but yet not reached by JPL/ICPSR type repositories.