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Summary of Objective

At least in certain circles, there has been significant mention of "exhibits" for digital objects, especially around purposes arising from archives. The purpose of this discussion is to assume easy ubiquitous access to assets all in digital object form and question what presentations of digital objects are being demanded. Specifically, what form those presentations (views of data) take and what, if any, special purposes there are necessary to meet. In relation to this conversation is the question of form factors and what impact this may have on presentations.

Library Systems Context

Here is a brief list of library systems who's digital object or specific purposes which may make up particular views might be taken into account:

List of Enterprise System Types

  1. Institutional Repository
  2. Digital Archives
  3. Research Data Repository
  4. Campus Faculty Profile
  5. Researcher Networking
  6. Learning Management
  7. Content Management


  1. From the feedback in the room, it seems as though there are not specific views in mind for these systems or for digital archives "exhibits".
  2. It may be more important in the future to provide the ability to offer users the ability to create views for their own collections.