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==Past Hack Days==
==Past Hack Days==
===Hack Day 2019===
===Hack Day 2019===
[https://wiki.curatecamp.org/index.php/Association_of_Moving_Image_Archivists_&_Digital_Library_Federation_Hack_Day_2019 Hack Day 2019] took place in Baltimore, Maryland on November 13, 2019 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel during AMIA 2019.
===Hack Day 2018===
===Hack Day 2018===
===Hack Day 2016===
===Hack Day 2016===

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Hack Day is a unique opportunity for practitioners and managers of digital audiovisual collections to join with developers and engineers for an intense day of collaboration to develop solutions for digital audiovisual preservation and access. Hack day is a partnership between the Association for Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) and the Digital Library Federation (DLF). A robust and diverse community of practitioners who advance research, teaching and learning through the application of digital library research, technology and services, DLF brings years of experience creating and hosting events designed to foster collaboration and develop shared solutions for common challenges. It will be fun and practical…and there will be prizes!


  • Transparent, fun, open collaboration in diversely constituted teams over individual brilliance and/or groups of like individuals in cut-throat competition.
  • The creation of new professional networks over the ossification of old ones
  • Effective engagement of non-developers (researchers, repository managers) in development over purely developer driven projects.
  • Work done at the conference over presentation of something prepared earlier (meaning not working on a project you are working on during your day job)

Upcoming Hack Day


  • Project Sign Up and Registration
  • github account: AMIA Open Source github
  • Chat: Slack channel for project collaboration & remote participation: avhack.slack.com. If you aren't already signed up and want to be, send an email to kara at weareavp dot com.
  • Code of Conducts: AMIA Code of Conduct and DLF Code of Conduct. Review the Codes of Conduct and please direct any questions about them to the event organizers.

Repository of past projects

Past Hack Days

Hack Day 2019

Hack Day 2019 took place in Baltimore, Maryland on November 13, 2019 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel during AMIA 2019.

Hack Day 2018

Hack Day 2016

Hack Day 2015

Hack Day 2014

Contact Information