Association of Moving Image Archivists & Digital Library Federation Hack Day 2016

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AMIA/DLF Hack Day 2016!!!

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>>> When, Where, What time?

  • Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2015
  • Time: ~9am-5pm (with option of continued work projects throughout the conference in our Developer Lounge, Parlor A)
  • Location: Omni William Penn, Pittsburgh, PA
  • hashtag: #AVhack16
  • github account: AMIA Open Source github
  • IRC: #curatecamp_avpres_1 If using an IRC client the server is, or you can use your browser and connect to If you are unfamiliar with IRC, take a look at this ☞ brief introduction.
  • Code of Conducts: AMIA Code of Conduct and DLF Code of Conduct