Bootstrapping Repositories

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This page is for those at CURATE Camp 2012 at DLF (and others) who wanted to talk about how to talk about "bootstrapping repository services (getting started with minimal resources) curation & preservation in the wild (sans repo)" but didn't get the chance.

In this space please share what you are doing or would like to be doing at your institution regarding repositories, digital humanities, data management, etc. Please feel free to pose questions and resources as well.

Add new categories whatever you want...

Let's get started!


How do we get started?

Who should we partner with?

Blah, blah, blah...

Repository Services

Here are some things we are looking into:

Using resources within the UC system: San Diego Super Computing Center Cloud, Berkeley's Research Hub, CDL's Merritt

Outside of the UC system: Internet2 NET+ Box, Digital Preservation Network


Other Resources