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Feel free to use this space to share ideas for discussion at CURATEcamp 2012 iPRES. Don't forget that the focus of this camp is integrated digital preservation.

Topic you are interested in (Your name): A sentence or three about your topic.

  1. Micro service requirements (Paul Wheatley): How do we design micro services to maximise their re-use and simplify their orchestration? What are our requirements for the generic aspects of their design (and most importantly their interfaces)? Can we come up with micro services that can easily be shared between orchestration systems? (See this discussion about FITS and characterisation tool wrapping
  2. Service-oriented architecture for digital preservation (Mark Jordan) Some work started by JISC ( but current status is unknown. This topic is relevant to integrating digital preservation activities not only within an organization but also to allow cross-organization collaboration and tool-sharing. The RESTful BagIt Server ( is an example of a such a service.
  3. Re-use and collaboration (Paul Wheatley): There seems to be a lot of repetition and reinvention in DP community tool development, despite limited resources and a small pool of contributing parties. How can we avoid these problems, maximise collaboration, increase re-use of existing solutions, and improve sharing of knowledge about where they can be used effectively?
  4. Requirements on file format registries (Paul Wheatley): File format initiatives are suddenly all the rage ( I have previously suggested (controversial) that we haven't always clearly articulated what our requirements and use cases are for these systems ( So what requirements do preservation tool developers (and users of their tools) have on file format registries?
  5. Archivematica requirements for File ID & Format Policy Registry (Peter Van Garderen): Folllowing up on PaulW's plea to clearly define these requirements, I can speak on the analysis we have done within the Archivematica project and our current design/development work on the Archivematica file identification microservice and Format Policy Registry (FPR) slated for use with Archivematica 1.0 (Feb 2013).
  6. Cross-organization PREMIS event generation (Mark Jordan): How are organizations who implement PREMIS generate and manage PREMIS events across intra-organization document creation / management points?
  7. Curation and the cloud (Lisa Snider) What kind of tools and strategies can we use to preserve cloud based services and social media while still preserving authenticity? Do we have to come up with different preservation strategies and use different digital forensics tools (compared to what we use for physical media)? Additionally, what tools do we use to provide user access to electronic material, such as emails, social media, Google docs, etc.?
  8. New Strategies/Tools for New Technology? (Lisa Snider) With the popularity of new storage devices, such as SSDs, how can we preserve authenticity when our current forensics tools can’t keep up with them? What kinds of strategies can we employ to preserve these kinds of materials?
  9. Feedback on LoC's Levels of Digital Preservation (Mark Jordan) Develop some feedback to the Library of Congress' new Levels of Preservation document, as invited at
  10. Practical digital preservation solutions for production entities (Kara Van Malssen) Digital preservation solutions have primarily been developed by and for collecting institutions. Applying these within entities that are actively producing content is a challenge, and thus far has not been done consistently and/or effectively. What are digital preservation workflows for institutions with little time or resources to devote to digital preservation, with valuable assets in active use? What simple technologies could support digital preservation and be integrated into existing toolsets, such as DAMs, CMSs, or other ECM tools?