DLF 2011 - Wrap up/next steps discussion

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Get attendee list to put on the wiki

Cataloger: talk more about what they do, so other catalogers can learn what works

Online space for sharing code snippets, tutorials, resources etc. Maybe on code4lib wiki? Maybe the wrong branding, but perhaps would just need to advertise it. Or StackOverflow? Quora? What runs DH Answers?

  • Corey Harper, Mark Matienzo, Rick Fitzgerald, Jon Stroop will follow up on this

Look into microformats.

Future dedicated events on cataloger/coder relationships. (Or spin it as about RDA, or Linked Data?) Probably need a focused topic. Would be good to host on someone's campus. A "new mental space" to think in.

  • Does the unconference structure present a challenge to catalogers? Strategy to combat this might be some hands on, demo, tutorial
  • Lots of support for this idea
  • But travel funding is an issue, so start local
  • Goals: better RDA implementation, build some trust, educate each other

Get coders involved in RDA implementation work. Would sending PCC calls for volunteers on their committees to CODE4LIB actually result in some volunteers? Sense is yes. PCC has changed work practices enough to make this likely to work.

Types of relationships to foster:

  • for data creation, doing cataloging
  • for discovery interface creation

Cataloger talk to vendors/system designers about APIs, to learn more about how they work