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We are organizing a Condensed CURATEcamp in association with IS&T Archiving 2013.

When? Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What time? 1:15 – 5:30 pm

Where? The National Archives, Washington DC ("Archives I")

The theme is "Digitized / Born Digital Together."

Megan Phillips, Kate Murray, and Mike Horsley, of NARA will be facilitating, but if others experienced with the format would like to help facilitate, too, please get in touch!

Details on the CURATEcamp and on how to register for the Archiving 2013 conference and the CURATEcamp are available here: [1]

A CURATEcamp brings individuals together to discuss topics they define. For this special condensed version, the theme is Digitized / Born Digital Together. The theme was selected to take advantage of Archiving 2013’s rich combination of experts— those working in imaging and digital curation within the cultural, academic, and industry sectors.

The “unconference” format of CURATEcamp encourages attendees to identify and discuss the issues they care about the most, leading to progress on solving real problems. Two key ideas are that participants define the agenda and that there are no spectators. Everyone who comes should plan on actively participating in and helping to lead discussions.

Possible topics might include:

• Are there necessary differences in processes for managing born digital and digitized objects?

• Does one size fit all, or “I’m ok, you’re ok” with different traditions, processes, and systems?

• Can organizational cultures be formed around a single comprehensive vision for how physical, digital, and digitized materials can all be made accessible to the public in the most useful way?

• How can institutions get the most value from their resources when managing both types of material?

• How can we make all our processes more efficient and scalable?

• What are possible roles of crowdsourcing in extending our resources for both types of material?

• Could we develop tools for digital curation and let the crowd do some of the actual work using those tools?

Attendees are encouraged to start thinking now about topics related to this theme that they would like to propose for discussion. The options for rich discussions are endless!

Please note: Participation is limited to 75 people; advanced registration is required. There is no charge for this event if you register along with Archiving 2013 by the early-registration deadline. If you register after March 4, the fee is $35.

Although the event is open to all, priority is given to those who register for the full conference by March 3 on a first-come first served basis. Those who register only for CURATECAMP by March 3 will be put on a waiting list until March 4. After March 4, all space is first-come/first-served.

There is no onsite registration for this event.