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  • Topic: Emulation
  • Location: Great Hall B
  • Time: 1-2PM


Julia's experience at NYU: Not all ISO's are created equal, or rather not all emulators read ISO's the same way--she's seen a lot of their early efforts fail to render. Now using DD. Euan and Peter raise the option of using FTK to make those DDs (relatively) easily.

Don thinks documenting Sheepshaver possibilities and workflows is a major project that needs to happen in order for all of use to exploit it better. Another grant is probably needed.

Euan asks what the most useful thing is that we could ask for from a grant. Don answers that it's a turnkey system like BitCurator.

Peter raises the CMU Olive Project. Euan reveals that they have a staff working on different emulated environments. The advantage there is the distribution and depth of the computer science capability!

Of course the problem is with running proprietary software from the cloud. Euan wonders if some kind of Spotify-like subscription service model would help. Don want to hire a team of lawyers to find us the loopholes we'd need!

Peter hears that CMU does in fact take down a lot of software upon request. Internet Archive presents the alternative model as someone who puts a lot online and waits for someone to stop them.

Rebecca raises that non-profits, especially small ones, are great partners for the above because they take risks--they're not such attractive lawauit targets and don't have the complex bureaucracies that slow these processes down.