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At the end of the day, we got A LOT done!

Thanks to participants!@mopennock @WilliamKilbride @GaryM03062 @anjacks0n @carusb @benfinoradin @peshkira @petemay @Britpunk80 @HeatherBowden @pjvangarderen @jordanheit and everyone else (please add who is missing)

  • GaryM03062 discovered a but testing FITS a bug in JHOVE:
  • File corpus!
  • (@benfinoradin) Kept all #fileidhack tweets today []
  • (@mopennock, @anjacks0n, @petemay et al) British Library team worked on eBook format identification
  • (@peshkira) OpenFITS compiles
  • (@petemay) Tika signatures for PDB, Kindle AZW and LRF files created, re-testing over sample file set #fileidhack #eBook
  • (@mopennock) Bl team created 13 new eBook signatures for Tika
  • Encouraged pinging PRONOM (@Britpunk80) to create/test/submit: [1]
  • @Britpunk80 handed some droid signature files to @anjacks0n on rocketbook, epub, and ibooks. * @HeatherBowden shared some Quark and InDesign files.
  • @GaryM03062: New commit of OpenFITS allows setting max no. of threads in fits.xml [2]
  • @benfinoradin shared resource on RIFF/RIFX [3]
  • the Quicktime motherload! by @mistydemeo - Quicktime videos [4]
  • OpenFITS : FITS#Improving_JHOVE_performance_within_FITS
  • @mistydemeo: Created @machomebrew formula for fidget to make file ID signatures for #fileidhack [5]
  • #openarchives chat /nick artefactualmtgroom #fileidhack
  • @anjacks0n: new | Percipio and | Fidget available dev and feedback
  • ‏@pjvangarderen @archivematica: Artefactual picks up #fileidhack baton. OpenFits debian package for testing [6]
  • @GaryM03062 uploaded source changes to JHOVE. [7]
  • @berwin22 @jordanheit @mcantelon @pjvangarderen +ARTi +epmcellan testing OpenFITS FITS
  • @prwheatley added a new Tika sig and sample files


One break-out session at the CURATEcamp iPRES 2012 was affectionately branded "file id confessional" where we commiserated on the state of our file id tools and processes. We also talked about:

  • We can do better job specifying and documenting our file id requirements / use cases
  • We're all hooked on that FITS.xml but FITS needs performance optimization ASAP (also, Is Harvard up for extra dev?)
  • Apache Tika is very actively supported and useful tool for file id and content extraction. How much of our file id requirements can it in fact cover?
  • Archivematica Format Policy Registry use case (see also DAITSS action plans)
  • Jason Scott's "Let's Just Solve the Problem" campaign to boldly catalog as much file format info as possible in the month of November.
  • also, CURATEcamp iPres participant Paul Wheatley has since posted: We Need Better Characterization as well as link to Online Hack Event. This led to Twitter discussion between @pjvangarderen @anjacks0n @prwheatley about this 24 hr hackathon event.


24hour+ live hackathon event where multi-time zone teams work on common technical projects related to the CURATEcamp iPres 2012 file id discussions.

Project proposals can be made by anyone.

We will start the day with New Zealand (GMT +12:00) and end with North America West Coast wrapping up project(s), hopefully with one or two solid deliverables by 12 midnight-ish PST (GMT -8:00).


  • Because we'll probably get some useful stuff done
  • Because its fun to work with CURATEcamp people in a CURATEcamp way
  • Because doing a 24hr+ worldwide hack with real time collaboration tools is cool


When: Fri Nov 16

  • Friday, November 16, 2012
    • OPF Emulation Hackathon is Nov 13-15. Freiburg, Germany. Sorry, Nov 16th was chosen somewhat haphazardly. We didn't mean to compete with OPF Hackathon event. But emulation needs file characterization too? Maybe OPF Emulation Hackathon can hand off some "File Id for Emulation" use cases to the Nov 16 24 hr Hackathon...or better yet, extend the Freiburg event to include participation in the Nov 16 24 hr worldwide #fileidhack event. Great way to cap off their Hackathon week! --PeterVG 11:48, 23 Oct 2012 (PDT)
  • Friday, November 23, 2012
    • RT @declan: @pjvangarderen neat idea! You know that date is the day after US Thanksgiving, right? people might be on vacation


  • Twitter: #fileidhack (made it shorter)
  • CURATEcamp Mediawiki: Log-in and please help update this page

Let's put together a schedule, tasklist, & volunteers to road-test these tools for Nov 16:

Who (Sign up)

  • GMT +12:00 Digital Preservation Practical Implementers Guild (@DP_PIG)
  •  ?
  • GMT +7:00 Euan Cochrane (@euanc)
  •  ?
  • GMT +2:00 TechMaurice (NANETH)
  • GMT +1:00 Nicholas Clarke (@nclarkedk) -
  • GMT +0:00 Andy Jackson (@anjacks0n), Paul Wheatley (@prwheatley), BL digital preservation team - Maureen (@mopennock), PeterM, Lynn, William, and maybe more...; David Underdown (@davidunderdown9) and maybe some more TNA folk
  •  ?
  • GMT -5:00 Kara Van Malssen (@kvanmalssen), Dave Rice (@dericed), Ben Fino-Radin (@benfinoradin), Gary McGath (@Garym03062), @anarchivist
  • GMT -5:00 @lljohnston @blefurgy et al!
  • GMT -5:00 Greg Jansen @gregj, Ben Pennell @pennellben
  • GMT -5:00 Heather Bowden @heatherbowden - will help when/where I can. Happy to help US East Coasters and Artefactual Team, or whomever. Contact me if you need an extra hand.
  •  ?
  • GMT -8:00 Artefactual: peter (@pjvangarderen), courtney (@snarkivist), evelyn, joseph, mikeC (@mcantelon), mikeG, austin, any VanCity people wanting to participate from Artefactual office.

Project Proposals

  • Document file id requirements / use cases
  • ArchiveTeam "Just Solve the Problem" wiki scraping -> structured data (CSV?, XML?, RDF?); as an ongoing service?
  • Improving format ID coverage
  • Collecting format ID test files
  • Improving identification methods
    • Develop a Format ID "Emulation Workbench" for format analysis
    • Document software input and output formats to use in limiting the option set for files of a particular time period (if we know all formats that were creatable during a period when a file was created then we can limit results to only those formats), and for use in format intelligence mining.
  • Archivematica Format Policy Registry testing
    • @archivematica team & volunteers
  • @kvanmalssen Improved file id /characterization support for AV files in existing tools like Tika and FITS. An update of Exiftool and inclusion of MediaInfo would be a good start. Or maybe test applicability of ffprobe/avprobe for this task.
    • @dericed This is exactly what ffprobe/avprobe does. Whereas the many of the digipres tools do identification by sampling x bytes from the head and tail, ffprobe/avprobe incorporate one of the many extensive demuxing libraries to manage identification of the contents.
    • @kvanmalssen - Yes, so can we get avprobe to output in a structured way? And could it be incorporated in to a tool like FITS or Tika so that we can have a file id tool that supports mixed collections?
    • @dericed - Yes ffprobe/avprobe have the -print_format (-of) option so you can get json, xml, csv, or others. There's also an xsd published for the output. I suppose ffprobe could be incorporated into FITS but not sure if this is an efficient idea. The premise of FITS seems to put all preservation metadata considerations on the container (file format) but in AV collections the codecs and contained bitstreams are far more significant to consider.
    • @kvanmalssen - Issue is we need AV support (including track/bitstream support) in these general tools so people can process mixed collections. That's what I'd like to figure out.

And could it be incorporated in to a tool like FITS or Tika so that we can have a file id tool that supports mixed collections?

  • FITS or Tika bugfix marathon (e.g. this one).
    • Perhaps consider refactoring FITS to re-use existing dependency management tools like Maven and apt/yum/etc instead of manual dependency management? Andy Jackson 05:16, 23 October 2012 (PDT)
      • I'm willing to put a fork of FITS on Github if a couple of people say they want it. --Gary McGath 13:27, 11 November 2012 (PST)
  • TechMaurice: Replace container identification function of FIDO using PRONOM container signature.
  • Misty De Meo Just a thought... it strikes me that the basic functionality of FITS is not super complicated. As well, in my experience, most users are using a fairly minimal set of features. Given some of the problems we're having with FITS, it may be worth doing a minimal rewrite of FITS (in, say, Python or C) with a focus on a) speed, and b) maintainability. This is more than a day's work but could get a start if this is something other people would be interested in. Things I'd want to see would include:
    • Don't vendor tools - just recommend versions, but draw form whatever tools the user has installed.
    • Implement better AV support (with all the caveats listed above)
    • Possibly restrict the number of tools?
    • +1 to FITS refactoring --Greg Jansen 11:33, 15 November 2012 (PST)
    • Implement only the configuration options most people use, and let those be specified on the commandline instead of via XML.
      • Gary McGrath on IRC points out that the use of external tools means that in FITS scanned files are independently loaded from disk by multiple tools, introducing unneeded IO overhead. Could be fixed in FITS itself.

Should we take a poll a day in advance to select 2 or 3 projects or should we just let everyone work on whatever proposal they wish?

Preparation TODO

  • GitHub How To
    • Set up temporary FITS and/or Tika forks that we can work on?
  • Set up Archivematica instances to test FPR
  • Easier signature development tools and/or signature contribution tracking, now partially complete, as outlined in Improving format ID coverage
  • Example file contribution How To document, c.f. Collecting format ID test files