CURATEcamp AVpres 2013/Technical Logistics for Participant Sites

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Technical logistics

Google Hangout technology is very useful but sadly requires participants to have a Google+ account (though you could create a temporary profile). Please see this guide to getting started with Google Hangouts, and make sure you have all necessary software and plugins installed.

All participant sites will need to have a computer equipped with webcam and microphone, which will be used to connect to Google Hangouts—multiple camera and mic-equipped computers are highly encouraged as this will enable participants at a physical site to split up into different breakout sessions.

All our experience at the CURATEcamp will be greatly enhanced if your technical infrastructures is tested beforehand! There will a mandatory dry-run held on April 12th that we'll ask all site point people to participate in.

Camera & microphone recommendations

Many laptops have built in cameras that will be adequate for videoconferencing, but the quality of microphones varies. Some sort of USB microphone (or even using headphones as a mic) is strongly recommended over a laptop's built-in microphone. Do a local soundcheck to test your audio levels!

Room size and number of participants will vary at each physical sight, but we obviously want the opportunity for everyone to be visible and capable of being heard. Camera angles and logistics should be tested by site organizers beforehand.