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Notes from Breakout Session at CurateCAMP SE 2012

Researcher Profiling and Networking system

  • Simplectic Elements (similar to BibApp)
  • publisher provided versions of these apps are locked to that publisher
  • citation management
  • SHERPA ROMEO integration for rights checks
  • uses SWORD for self-archiving in repository


  • researcher social network
  • find an expert

Vireo ETD management system (developed at Texas Digital Library)

  • SWORD deposit support
  • GTech is moving to this for ETD workflow

Learning System (Sakai OAE, Blackboard)

  • student self-deposit
  • deposit of courses
  • source of context metadata

Other institutional agents tend to approach these same researcher systems in parallel to the libraries. Coordinating an approach is a challenge.

List of Enterprise System Types

  1. Institutional Repository
    • Fedora
    • DSpace
    • Eprints
  2. Digital Archives
  3. Research Data Repository
  4. Campus Faculty Profile
    • Simplectic
    • Bibapp (ish)
  5. Researcher Networking
    • external social networking like site (ie. Vivo)
    • semantic web (rdf)
  6. Learning Management
    • Sakai
    • OAE
    • Blackboard
  7. Identity Management
  8. Content (?) Management
    • Alfresco (Berkeley is using it: hub.berkeley.edu)


  1. What are the curation capabilities of different LMSs?