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processing begins and is dependent on working with a file system (thunar with ubuntu OS) - pre-ingest has been renamed “transfer processing”

Transfer Processing --next iteration of Archivematica is moving many ingest microservices to the transfer watched directory (tab in dashboard); for instance, integrity checking and/or assignment, quarantine, transfer uuid assignment, package extraction, directory structure log (directory printer?)

Next steps -need mockup of rights in transfer stage on the dashboard -possible addition of microservice for “index transfer”

note: during keyword and pattern matching work – good to have institution-specific ontologies

Indexing to identify -list of pdfs that haven't been ocr'ed -list of password protected files

note: should we move format identification forward so we can use visualization tools to visualize format distribution?

Suggestions for Transfer Processing: -viewer (add for files that you can't use ubuntu to view) -visualizations: graphs of modification/access/creation times (enable date-based range searches) -identify duplicates