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Monday, August 15

Time Flex Lab (Meyer) 182 (Meyer) Ida Green (Green) SSRC (Green) IC Classroom (Green)
1pm Design and User Experience (William and Nate) Building capacity to treat disk images as first-class objects (Cal Lee) E-lab notebooks and OMERO for data curation: tools used by/for researchers at the start of the digital life cycle (Brian Westra) Born Digital Videos (Estlund) How big is your bag? Measures of object size (R. Anderson) summary
2pm Why are we doing this again? (Digpres strategies check-in) (Van Garderen) (whiteboard notes) Faculty outreach early in lifecycle (J. Starr) Best practices / carrots and sticks (Halliday) Holistic approach to content records and archives mgmt (Don Post) Metadata management (Aislinn Solelo, Cristela Garcia-Spitz)
3pm Curation service models (needs/gaps, tools, collaboration) (D. Minor + E. O'Meara) DataManagementPlan Tool for creating data management plans (P. Willett) Use of forensic software to process born-dig archives. (Chen)
4pm WRAP-UP (to 4:30) N/A N/A N/A N/A

Tuesday, August 16

Time Flex Lab (Meyer) 182 (Meyer) Ida Green (Green) SSRC (Green) IC Classroom (Green)
9am Common architecture for preserving/curating 3 types of content: 1) Faculty IR content 2) Born dig. special collections 3) Locally-digitized content (Jenn Riley) KISS "Keep it simple" - Solutions for the underfunded (Jody) N/A Preserving digital information (sketch of the book, work on prototyped software) (Gladney)
10am Rights and restrictions administration from accession to access(Mumma) How to avoid reinventing the digital curation and LTDP-TDR wheel: standards-based dev and procurement of solutions.See for a comprehensive reference model (Don Post) N/A JP2? (matp)
11am Hydra & microservices: perfect together? (Giarlo) "They can't find it...what do you do?" Remediation, SEO, etc. (Deborah Holmes-Wong) N/A Curation Ecosystem: who should we be working with and how RDF Representing filesystems in RDF (anarchivist)
1pm [TENTATIVE] Hydra & microservices follow-up (Giarlo) Transfer and SIP creation: Archivematica reqs, tools, design analysis (Van Garderen)
2pm Scientific data curation: communities, roles, conversations (Yarmey) VersionControl Version control of "digital objects:" options discussion (Giarlo) N/A
3pm WRAP-UP (to 4:30) N/A N/A N/A N/A