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Howdy, Campers!

Thanks for registering! & Welcome to CURATECamp SAA 2013, to be held Tuesday, August 13, 2013 from 10am to 4pm at Tulane University in New Orleans.

  • WHERE: Tulane University Lavin-Bernick Center, Suite 212, LBC, located at 201 Boggs

We're looking forward to gathering the SAA community around to discuss digital curation.

CURATEcamp is based on the BarCamp or "unconference" model. Provided below is some information on what you can expect of CURATEcamp, what will be expected of the Campers, the overall theme for discussion topics, and some next steps for you.

To learn more about CURATEcamp, visit http://curatecamp.org/about which includes information about past camps. There is also a google group and wiki. Join in on the discussion & see what others have been talking about:


  • Bring a computing device. This is optional and certainly not required. However, it can be useful for demonstration and interaction purposes.
  • Get there a few minutes early to get situated and to grab your name tag.
  • We’ll start on Tuesday morning by gathering together in one space and going around the room to introduce ourselves. There will also be some housekeeping announcements and signing up for lightning talks. After this, we’ll jump into discussion.
  • We’ll follow the “open agenda” model, sitting in a roughly circular configuration. The meeting organizers will ask for proposed topics, recording them for a group vote, and then we'll decide how to parse out the topics for the rest of the day. We’ll allow some time to present your topic casually or via a 3-minute lightning talk, so come prepared if that’s your thing. Topics can include tools, theories, projects, processes, mysteries, conundrums, etc., related to any aspect of digital curation.
  • After discussing a few topics for the designated amount of time, we'll take a break for lunch. Lunch will be on your own, but we’ll suggest some locations on the wiki and you can ask your facilitators for directions. We encourage moving in packs so you use lunchtime to interact with fellow campers and keep the conversations going.
  • The afternoon will be formatted in breakout sessions based on the general topical discussions from the morning. The main purpose is to connect folks who are eager to share their perspectives and hear those of others. Late in the afternoon, we begin wrapping up the discussion.
  • For those who are interested, we can go to a local spot for a bite and drinks at the end of the day so we can discuss what we've heard and continue networking with peers!

See CURATEcamp SAA 2013 Schedule for more details.


Start thinking about topics you would like to discuss. Here are a few ideas:

  • Workflows used for acquiring, processing, preserving and providing access to digital archives
  • Novel uses of tools for preserving born-digital material
  • Challenges you’re facing with hardware, software or legacy media
  • Emulation or migration strategies
  • Use cases on providing access to born-digital material
  • Demos of software
  • Integration of data curation into the archives workflow
  • How can archivists be actively involved in software/curation services development

Need more ideas? See the resources listed below.



First and foremost, think about some curation-related topics you'd like to discuss. When you're ready, you can add your ideas to the CURATEcamp wiki by simply requesting a login, then editing this page: CURATEcamp SAA 2012 Discussion Ideas

If you have any questions or requests, send them to or Courtney C. Mumma (courtney@artefactual.com) or Cristela Garcia-Spitz (cgarciaspitz@ucsd.edu).

We're looking forward to seeing y'all in N'awlins!

-CURATEcamp UnOrganizers

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